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St Anthony's Motors does a wide variety of different services.

Here is a list of them:

  • MOT

  • Engine Rebuilding Services

  • Oil Change

  • Air Condition Repairs

  • Bodyworks

  • Full Service

  • Accident Claim

  • Tire Change/Painting

  • Remapping Services - increase a car's power and torque output, and maximizes its overall performance by as much as 35% power

  • Engine Carbon Clean - carbon can build up in your engine over time, causing parts to block up and potentially damage your engine. Cleaning this carbon can prevent engine damage and increase performance.



Jack Jordan

St Anthony's Motors offers a reliable and affordable  services for a variety of  faults and damages.

Micheal Johnson

St Anthony's Motors provides affordable but quality care for all the cars in his possession

Jack Russel

James Smith

Even i know St Anthony's Motors has the best deals out there. Just last year I saved hundreds of pounds by choosing St Anthony's Motors. I especially love there deals on accident claims.

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